Building and Apartment registration

In first half of 2017 the Computer Science Students, second semester at ZIBAT Roskilde worked on a prototype of an apartment administration system for Beck IT.
Presentation with the requirements can be seen as pdf-file here

New general CRM system for treatment companies

In second half of 2018 we plan to start building a new CRM system. The idea is to make a “treatment” system, which can be used by not only opticians , but also fysioterapeut, dentists, special doctors. Especially calendar/activity and payment methods will be developed using the experience we have from the optician area.

Screenshots from current optician system,, can be found as  pdf-file here
The new system will be based on a freemium model. It will be free to use most of the system with advertisements. Or you can pay for a noadvertisement version, and you can pay for extra functionality.

This means users should be able to create their own environment. When they create their “company” the settings will be stored in a settingstable. Our primary thoughts are that every one use the same tables in the database, but a solution where a “company” if possible get their own database would be prefered.

The platform is not choosen yet. In august 2018 we are searching for one or more students to help us build one or more prototypes.
The idea is to start looking at possible platforms and then decide on one where we build a prototype and test out our requirements.

One of the platforms we want to test out is Azure , C#, SQL Server. We will look a lot into the costs, and our final choice will depend on the costs. We would as like to test out a platform and Google technologies and / or java. Or Ruy on Rails, or another one You think would be worth testing.

Depending on the outcome of the internship period(s), we expect to either build the new system on top of the prototype or we will restart from scratch.

If You as a student have a prefered platform that you think could be used and want to participate in the project, feel free to contact us, either if you have questions/ideas or want to send an internship application.