Apartment administration system

In first half of 2017 the Computer Science students, second semester at ZIBAT Roskilde worked on a prototype of an Apartment administration system for Beck IT.
Presentation with the requirements can be seen as pdf-file here

From August to December 2018 we work on making a “real” prototype to validate our ideas, and later in 2019 we will use it when making the requirement specification. In this system we focus on assisting the board in cooperative dwellings, when planning and completing board meetings, general auditions, working weekends, creating maintenance plans. The board support is optimized through digital communication between different groups on different activities. The system will also take care of collecting monthly payments as traditional apartment systems do. The technologies used are C#, SQL server, Java with use of Visual Studio, Android Studio, GitHub, Azure.

In 2019 we will make new prototypes to test more ideas in current and also new technologies and Frameworks and start working on the real requirement specification.